Thursday, January 7

Beware the Man with a Plan

Anyone who knows me will quickly attest to my love of planning. And as I sit here, running shoes and watch in a heap beside the desk, my fingers excitedly flip through alternate programs (Pfitzinger & Daniels’), and at this moment my glass is full to the brim. Everyone, elite or otherwise starts from the same position, the beginning, and that blank canvas holds endless possibility.


With my hamstring well on the mend, I’ve taken the liberty of casting my eyes on the horizon. Surprisingly, while doing so I quickly realized that “running” and “marathon” had becoming synonymous terms in my vocabulary. As such, the prospect of planning for a future that didn’t include a ‘thon, was a future that didn’t include running. What had I become?


Drawing from my experience with the first pregnancy, I’ve decided to stay closer to home this spring and consequently not race a marathon. Nonetheless, I will run.


My draft plan then, subject to much discussion and ongoing change, is to spend the next 15-weeks training for a 10k race (Times Colonist) in late April. After that, I’ve decided to take advantage of the inaugural Victoria Track Series and spend the following 17-weeks participating in a variety of mile, 3,000m and 5,000m events, culminating in what I hope to be a new PB on August 22nd.


Happy New Year!



Dec 28: easy 45:58

Dec 29: day off (scheduled)

Dec 30: easy 36:26

Dec 31: day off (scheduled)

Jan 01: easy 32:26

Jan 02: easy 1:02:33

Jan 03: day off (scheduled)


Weekly mileage: 3h00’23”, +/- 42k or 26 miles