Wednesday, February 23

Snow Day

Yesterday morning, under a blanket of fading stars I ran to work along the Colqutiz Trail. With the air cool and crisp, the early signs of spring were inescapable as daffodil shoots littered the path edge and the sweet aroma of cherry blossoms hung delicately in the trees.

You can imagine my surprise then as I woke this morning and peered out the window to see a world blanketed in snow. I fully expect this evening’s run home to me heavy on adventure and light on aerobic capacity. And tomorrow’s track workout, 15x400 will almost certainly be postponed (Ally sent me the attached photos this morning).

On the weekend, amid milder conditions I participated in my first Island Race Series event in almost two years. Billed as the Island’s premier road racing series, Sunday’s course was more reminiscent of a cross county route and I’ve certainly run GutBuster trail races that are flatter. That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed myself even if I my ego suffered a few bruises: Hatley Castle 8k results, 31:06, 3:53 pace/km, 25 OA, 4 AG

With the Times Colonist two months away, my recent competition has lit a fire in my belly and planted seeds for the future.

Monday: A.M. 44:45, P.M. 42:31
Tuesday: 1:08:51 w/ 3x10 tempo (2’)

Friday, February 18

Training Camp: Victoria, BC (base)

After putting a stubborn bout of bronchitis behind me, I began preparation for 2011 season the last week of December. Initially I’d hoped to use some of the early Island Race Series events to facilitate my fitness/motivation, but an attack of the flu and a recent cold put my inaugural race as a Master on hold. Undoubtedly, but not for certain my string of bad health is in part due to the weather, and... new for me, having two (very social) young children.

Fast forward a few weeks, and not only have I managed to achieve some consistency in my running, but this weekend I hope to toe the line at the Hatley Castle 8k (otherwise known as the home of the X-men). With my main goal in May, I’ve yet to do any speed work instead following a prescribed Lydiard approach and trying to keep my running at an aerobic level… easier said than done when you’re out of shape. And so, throughout January and most of this month I’ve been following this schedule:

Monday: 45’-60‘ easy fartlek
Tuesday: 60’-75’ aerobic
Wednesday: 45’ w/ 10xstrides
Thursday: 60’-75’ aerobic
Friday: 75’ w/ 50’ light tempo
Saturday: Day off
Sunday: 90’-120’ aerobic

Last, but certainly not least, I came across this earlier today (it brought a smile to my face), “think positive: I fell down the stairs what did I say, damn I got down those stairs fast”.

Christopher McDougall: Are we born to run?

Christopher McDougall: Are we born to run? | Video on

Tuesday, February 8

The Road

"You will find that it is all very familiar... the strange and faraway places where you've never been. The wild unknown leads you to a place just around the corner. Take a picture when you get there... the road is you"

J. Bebe - R. Hammond