Wednesday, February 24

White on White

After not running for more than a week, I am pleased with how the last seven days unfolded. Not only did I squeeze in a couple solid sessions, but I capped everything off with an “undulating” long run through some of my favourite urban trail systems (CHGC, Mt. Tolmie, UVic and Mt. Doug).

Tuesday’s workout was solid and just what I needed to get my head (and body) back in the game. I eased into the first few intervals and continued to build right through the set, feeling pretty chuffed with my effort. Admittedly, I was surprised at just how long 80” can last and was not looking forward to my next workout, with much longer intervals.

And so, after an easy run on Wednesday, Thursday was my first real test since a) the marathon and b) injuring my hamstring, 5x5’ tempo. Despite not having run a sustained effort in four months I was surprised at how comfortable I felt. My pace resembled something closer to MP rather than 10kP, but the effort was there.

[note to self: remember to stretch, good God my hammies were tight]

As mentioned earlier, Sunday was fun, and long. I mistakenly agreed to accompany a colleague of mine (who is training for Boston) for a portion of his long run. Now either my memory is fading or Larry has been secret training, but I don’t ever remember having to “try” and keep up before. We live and learn. Larry you’re a bastard.

Outside of running, most of my spare time (what’s that) has been spent finishing the basement. With the dry wall up, and the mudding and taping complete, my hands are now overed in small droplets of Crisp Linen. I’ve also discovered that painting shades of white over a washed-out primer is far from rewarding, and snow blindness is a very real concern. Next up, the trim.


Feb 18: 46:56 w/ 5x5’ tempo (1’)
Feb 19: easy 39:14
Feb 20: day off (scheduled)
Feb 21: undulating long run 1:52:05

Weekly mileage: 5h01’01”, +/- 70k or 44 miles

Thursday, February 18


As I ran home late yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice the ubiquitous aroma from the flowering cherry blossoms. I started my jaunt along the waterfront, both the (rare) sunshine and Olympic Mountains to my right. As I reached Moss Street turning away from the Strait of Georgia, I traded the sun’s warmth for the welcomed refreshing fragrance that accompanies spring.

With my surgery healing well and a ticket to “lace up the shoes” only when ready, I proclaimed myself set. And so, like the slowly unfolding buds it was time to begin – (n) a period or condition of maximum development; (v) to develop; flourish.

After more than a week off I wasn’t sure what to make of my fitness, particularly having done only one workout since October. But being more eager than a thoroughbred in the gates, and with a few local races fast approaching I decided to fearlessly jump back in.

Ideally, I’d have run 400s on the track or marked intervals on the Lochside Trail but neither of those “preferences” were available. And so after a short warm-up, I ran the session on a very undulating route between Moss St. hill and the Cedar Hill Golf Course, loving every minute and with only one interrupted interval due to a traffic light.

I’m back, all I have to do now is sort out my season. Whether force of habit or genuine desire, I’d still like to squeeze in a marathon. But with baby #2 fast approaching, I think my enjoyment will be found through an inaugural summer track series and perhaps even a return to triathlon *whispered*.

Feb 08: day off (recovery)
Feb 09: day off (recovery)
Feb 10: day off (recovery)
Feb 11: day off (recovery)
Feb 12: day off (recovery)
Feb 13: day off (recovery)
Feb 14: day off (recovery)
Weekly mileage: 0h00’00”, +/- 0k or 0 miles
Feb 15: day off (recovery)
Feb 16: 1:01:35 w/ 12x80” (2’)
Feb 17: sluggish 41:11

Monday, February 8


“... the quality or condition of being authentic, trustworthy, or genuine”.

On a cool and dreary morning, where the line connecting the saturated mud and the waterlogged air was vague at best, I returned to the trails at Thetis Lake. Some have likened running through the rolling and unrefined terrain as attending “church”, yesterday had that effect. An opportunity to reflect, share and give thanks.


Here we were, Hicham, Carter and I, three thirty-something men, discussing the challenges and rewards brought upon by friendship, a new road to an uncertain future, and fast approaching parenthood. Where has the time gone? And to think ten years ago, you might have found us standing on a random beach with naught but speedos and a pair of goggles anticipating the start of a triathlon. I digress.

Much like our conversation, during the run I believe there were moments where we were lost, or certainly where we didn’t know where the path might take us. But with a quick smile, beta blockers and a sense of adventure what could go wrong? Some things never change and yesterday was no different; I repeatedly found myself following the heels of two humiliating bastards.


My running has gone well the last two weeks, bookended with a quality session on Friday and a fabulous long run on Sunday. The workout, my first in months, saw me cycle through some short and ever so sweet intervals: 7x (2’ (1’), 1’ (30”), 30”) (30”). My hamstring and achilles have never felt better.


Sadly, just as I’m beginning to build some momentum a wrinkle has crept up. I have to undergo surgery on my back tomorrow, nothing serious but I’ve been told to take it easy for a couple weeks. And here all I can think about is my return to running.

[photos: Maui 2009, my motivation]


Jan 25: easy 45:06
Jan 26: easy 36:58
Jan 27: easy 37:57
Jan 28: easy 53:26 w/ 8xstrides
Jan 29: easy 58:40
Jan 30: day off (scheduled)
Jan 31: steady 36:18
Weekly mileage: 4h28’25”, +/- 63k or 39 miles
Feb 01: easy 1:07:00 w/ 8xstrides
Feb 02: easy 35:05
Feb 03: easy 36:19 w/ 6xstrides
Feb 04: hilly 50:03
Feb 05: easy 58:25 w/ 7x(2’ (1’), 1’ (30”), 30”)(30”)
Feb 06: day off (scheduled)
Feb 07: hilly 1:46:28
Weekly mileage: 5h53’20”, +/- 83k or 52 miles

Monday, February 1

Alive and Kicking

For two days now, the lyrics from Simple Minds ‘Alive and Kicking’ have been quietly running through my head. I don’t recall hearing the song of late, nor can I attribute a recent event as the catalyst for the unending serenade. Still, the song invokes an enjoyable emotion and I thought the title (if nothing else) was reflective of my running.

The last three weeks have been busy to say the least. The stress gauge at work has been quietly climbing, and we (read I) started to renovate our basement. Unfortunately, I managed to put a nail through my foot, which affected my running for a day, but... we live and learn. In this case, proper footwear can never be overlooked.


So, between managing executive expectations at work, teaching myself to swing a hammer, and juggling the wants and needs of a young girl approaching two and her lovely (pregnant) mother… well, I’ve found, and subsequently made little time for myself to reflect on the joys of running.


Truth be told, I haven’t felt all that compelled to write about an easy jaunt to work or the equally uninspiring return trip. But, if I were to take just a few moments to do which I have neglected, I would certainly kick myself in the arse for not appreciating my health and the fact that I’m back logging the miles. My apathy is in stark contrast to Carter’s recent enjoyment, I’m just thankful I was along for the ride.


For inquiring minds who may want to follow the trials and tribulations of a former Olympic marathoner as he returns to the sport he loves, here is a link to my Bruce Deacon’s blog.



Jan 04: easy 39:47

Jan 05: day off (scheduled)

Jan 06: easy 39:24

Jan 07: easy 36:44

Jan 08: day off (scheduled)

Jan 09: day off (scheduled)

Jan 10: easy 1:04:49

Weekly mileage: 3h00’44”, +/- 42k or 26 miles

Jan 11: day off (scheduled)

Jan 12: easy 39:10

Jan 13: day off (unscheduled)

Jan 14: easy 39:26

Jan 15: easy 39:05

Jan 16: day off (scheduled)

Jan 17: easy 1:13:46

Weekly mileage: 3h11’27”, +/- 452k or 28 miles

Jan 18: easy 41:23

Jan 19: easy 51:49

Jan 20: easy 38:27

Jan 21: easy 1:03:43

Jan 22: steady 36:20

Jan 23: day off (scheduled)

Jan 24: sluggish 1:29:52

Weekly mileage: 5h21’34”, +/- 73k or 46 miles