Sunday, December 3

Sacramento Marathon 2006

Officially, I was:

45th, M35-39. #2076, 06:07 pace/mile, 01:18:32 (half), 8th in age group, 2:40:19.

Full results here.

I'll write a longer report in the days to come and outline some ideas I have for the future but for now I'll leave you with a brief summary and my mile splits.

I was up at 2:40 a.m. and felt great, rested 10 hours yesterday. Out for a very short (8') jog, ate, relaxed, i.e., Sudoku. Hopped on the bus at 5:00. Talked with a nervous runner, giving him race advice made me feel better (he was trying to qualify for Boston, needed a 3:10). Dropped off at the race start just after 5:30... it's cold. I'm guessing it was around 1 - 2C for the start of the race but clear. Tried to stay relaxed and warm. Race started at 7:00.

I managed to start at the front and as discussed before aimed to take it out in 5:57 pace (2:36:00).
1 5:58 (rolling hills from 1 - 15 miles)
2 5:59
3 5:49
4 5:53
5 5:52
6 5:53 (it was around here that I remembered how long a marathon was, yikes, what have I signed myself up for?)
7 5:57 (Gu #1)
8 6:05 (big hills start)
9 6:05 (ditched gloves)
10 & 11 12:13 (at around 10 miles my left hamstring cramped for a brief second, I tried not to adjust my stride, frustrated)
12 6:06
13 6:02 (Gu #2)
14 5:58 (left calf cramps for a brief second, have never had calf problems before)
15 6:11 (nasty hills begin to fade, quads and hamstrings are taking a beating and on the verge of cramping from here on in, was afraid to push the pace for fear of walking as happened in Ottawa earlier this year)
16 5:56 (ditched toque)
17 6:13
18 6:12 (ditched arm warmers, Gu #3)
19 6:08
20 6:14
21 & 22 12:45 (I contemplated turning off the watch here, continued taking splits but didn't look, just focused on the runners in front, Gu #4)
23 6:24 (thought I'd pick it up here as I was nearing the end, thought I could struggle through a cramp)
24 6:26 (Good thing I didn't pick it up earlier)
25 6:15
Finish 2:40:19.

As I came around the last corner I couldn't see the time (not wearing my glasses) but I could make out the shape, bugger. I wasn't going to run a 2:3x:xx today. Although I didn't hit my pace time I was only 4 minutes off and I did set a PB by over 5 minutes... I'm happy with but want more!

Okay, my duty free scotch is finished (the glass not the bottle) and I'm off to bed.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,

Congratulations!!! We've been looking forward to this report all day (next time phone your mother sooner eh!).

Way to go for a HUGE PB! looking forward to reading more in the next few days and hearing from you soon!


Rumon said...

So impressed. Looking forward to the next one. You decide on the "one."

Anonymous said...

Nice pb ML!

Good on you toughing out the cramps...those darn cramps...

You can tell yourself now, you know for sure you are totally capable of time!



Anonymous said...

Way to go Mike. Its amazing I was joneseing to get your results and I dont even know you.

I really like the mile by mile report. Thanks for the motivation your blog provides. Makes me look forward to training even if I have to do it on treadmill.

Anonymous said...

Question for you Mike: Is it indeed a PR course? Did it feel/ seem easier than Victoria? Vancover?

I am wondering if its worth skipping Victoria to train thru an extra 2 months of dark and rain.

Lawrence said...

Congrats on a massive PB!

brad said...


You are hero to small children across this city!

Well done. Can't wait to hit the trails with you.

Anonymous said...


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