Friday, April 15

Down but Not Out

It first raised its ugly head almost three weeks ago. What started out as an inconsequential cough and a slight ache, quickly turned violent. Ally was out in the first round, didn’t really stand a chance given how rundown she’s been.

Next up was Isla; the little rascal had no idea what hit her. Still, it takes more than a four day fever to knock her down. Instead what ensued was an irritable, often peculiar, and surprisingly active little girl.

Alas, last weekend it was my turn. The first symptoms arose on Saturday evening but I decided to drown them in alcohol. It almost worked. I woke the next morning not quite right, but hoped for the best. I was also slated to run a fast 5k that morning. I was dressed and heading out the door when I realized I’d left my watch at work. This was a sign. Either a) I was an idiot for even considering to run and should stop before things got worse, or b) I was an idiot for trying to run hard, and instead should forgo the time trial and enjoy the beauty in a hard (untimed) effort. Either way I was an idiot.

Fast-forward a few hours and the fever had a firm grasp, not to release me from its hold for a further 96 hours. Thursday afternoon my health improved and with the Sooke 10k still on the backburner, I decided to stretch my legs on the way home. Surprisingly, my pins were okay, perhaps a tad awkward but as I looped around Swan Lake the pickups felt comfortable, 12x20” (40”). What wasn’t comfortable was the cold sweat upon returning home. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Although not 100%, I’m looking forward to racing this weekend as it has been six weeks since the Bazan Bay 5k, and the TC 10k is only a fortnight away. The race will also give me some idea of my current fitness level, and hopefully will blow away a few cobwebs.

[photos: Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary]

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