Sunday, November 1

The Loneliness of the (Injured) Long Distance Runner

Yup, I’ve been standing still. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the serenity and reflection that can be gained from remaining motionless. On the contrary, I longed for that very moment the entire time while on vacation. But I do not get pleasure from a lack of choice. So there I am, standing in the doorway in a t-shirt and shorts, looking our over the damp leaves on the ground. That is as far as I go.

My hamstrings and quadriceps are tight, to-ight as Seamus might say. Last week I ran four days in a row. It shouldn’t have amounted to much, but it did. Seems my left hamstring and adductor is particularly stiff, this in turn has inflamed the insertion point just below and to the inside of the left knee. The whole lot is uncomfortable.

As a result, I went and saw my favourite physiotherapist this morning and she sorted me out.

After having my physical pain taken care of, I decided to address my emotional state, given the fact that I haven’t run in five days. I didn’t mind for the first three days. Yesterday I longed for an unknown loss. Today that hunger was realized. I digress. As a result, I stopped in at my favourite book shop, and after some careful thought purchased the following: (1) The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, by Alan Sillitoe, (2) Again to Carthage, the sequel to Once a Runner, by John L. Parker, Jr., and (3) Advanced Marathoning, by Pete Pfitzinger. My emotional wellbeing has never felt so satiated.

So, what’s next? I’m still thinking. In the short-term, I’m going run home tomorrow evening. This, if successful, will begin to set the stage the upcoming winter. Long-term, I haven’t decided. I had thought to concentrate on setting a new 10k PB (April), and use that speed to run the new Seattle Rock’n’Roll Marathon on June 26. Unfortunately, conflicting summer priorities no longer make that a viable option. So, once again, I find myself looking east, to either: Saskatchewan, Calgary or Ottawa, all on May 30, or the Blue Nose International Marathon on May 23. Choice, in abundance.


Monday: day off (scheduled)

Tuesday: easy 38:34

Wednesday: steady 36:40

Thursday: uncomfortable 40:58

Friday: painful 43:56

Saturday: day off (injury)

Sunday: day off (injury)