Tuesday, November 24

Injury Update

... still injured.


After running every second day, he rounded out the second week of November with limited success, yet unlimited frustration. Although the pain in his left hamstring wasn’t acute, he was unable to escape a nagging soreness. The discomfort wasn’t constant, but it prevented an unencumbered stride. Even to the uninitiated, he was on borrowed time.


Despite denying the inevitable, subconsciously his body knew. And much like savouring a favourite meal before dawning braces, a lone male meandered through the mud and underbrush of a towering west coast forest.


Perhaps for the first time in his athletic career, in what was still a compromise, he rested on taking four weeks away from the sport he had truly come to love.


Having not laced up his shoes for two days, he was overheard remarking to his wife the ease with which time was passing. Truth be told, he was already tracing new loops through old forest trails. Sadly, come Thursday (day four) he was singing a different tune.


Today, in a room void of hope and naught but the company of faceless models, an isolated figure no longer appreciates the melody of a favourite song. Rather, he sits slumped a over chair, impatiently willing the approach of an absent fat lady.



Friday: easy 40: 34

Saturday: day off (scheduled)

Sunday: easy 58:17


Monday: day off (injured)

Tuesday: day off (injured)

Wednesday: day off (injured)

Thursday: day off (injured)

Friday: day off (injured)

Saturday: day off (injured)

Sunday: day off (injured)


Walter said...

She will sing and before you know it, you will be running; be patient:)
Consider it an opportunity to spend more time with your family in a rested state:)

Thomas said...

Oh bugger.

I'm not feeling too great either, and this has been going on for about 6 weeks by now, so I can definitely sympathise.

Can you cycle or swim in the meantime?

Grellan said...

You'll just have to keep the good memories of the RVM running a bit longer to keep motivation up. There's nothing worse than sitting out the week. Hope the end is nigh.

Mark said...

how dreadful. . .best wishes to you and the family in a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

Chad said...

Lame. Sorry to hear about your injury, its never fun to be held up. Cross training?


Cliff said...


Take it easy.

Anonymous said...


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