Wednesday, December 23

Merry Christmas

Where has the time gone? With Chris Botti belting out jazzy holiday favourites in the background, I sit here wondering how yet again Christmas has successfully snuck up on me. Perhaps putting up the tree too early lulled me into a false sense of preparation.

I’ve continued with running more or less every other day and my hamstring appears to be behaving itself. I also managed to squeeze in an appointment with Janet (massage), who gave me a clean bill of health. This is not to suggest that it’s 100%, but rather that I’m taking steps in the right direction. My plan is to continue with light running for the next two weeks, before stepping up the frequency and then eventually adding some intensity. Slow but steady.


I truly hope that everyone has a joyous Christmas and until later, cheers!



Dec 18: day off (scheduled recovery)

Dec 19: easy 53:50

Dec 20: day off (scheduled recovery)

Weekly mileage: 2h47’40”, +/- 68k or 43 miles

Dec 21: easy 37:30

Dec 22: easy 38:59

Dec 23: day off (scheduled recovery)