Thursday, December 17

Baby Steps

I’ve been meaning to write an update for three weeks, but with minimal running related news I was hard pressed to come up with anything beyond, “day off – injured”. I’m now running again.

After not lacing up my shoes for four weeks, it was after more than a few minutes that I found they’d been transformed into alternative housing. Isla’s dolls have never had it so good. And so it was that on a dark frosty morning, under falling snow that I took that first tentative stride into the unknown. Thirty seconds later, I retraced my steps, remembering that I’d forgotten to bring my wallet.


Now, for the second time in nearly as many minutes, I was leaving the house for a run. I should be so lucky. In the end, the jaunt was uneventful, yet thoroughly enjoyable. What surprised me the most was that my lungs didn’t experience that putrid burning sensation. My goal is/was, to run alternative day but after running home last night, and with my bike at work, I had little choice but to lace up my shoes (again) this morning. Baby steps.


On another note, it looks like my late spring marathon plans (assuming a healthy hamstring) will need to be reworked. Should events unfold as intended, Isla will be a sister come June. I couldn’t be more excited. Baby steps.



Monday, Nov 23 – Sunday, Dec 13: three weeks off (injured)


Monday: easy 38:31

Tuesday: day off (scheduled recovery)

Wednesday: easy 38:14

Thursday: easy 37:05


Thomas said...

Congratulations on the news!

I'd say you won't be running as marathon before fall, and that's not because of your hamstring.

Grellan said...

Congrats Michael. Announcing a new arrival after an injury layoff is a dangerous precedent;).

Chris said...

I predict some track races in your future, Michael.

I can sense it.


Saturday May 1st for some reason.

Merry Christmas to you and the Gurlz.

Mark said...

Wow amazing "times" over the years, congratulations to the two of you and Happy Holidays!

Love2Run said...

Ah, I see the hidden meaning now (always the last one to get it). Congrats to you all! And good luck with the bigger steps...

Michael said...

Thanks for all the comments! And Chris, yes, at least one...

Anonymous said...