Friday, April 23

But then his heart would nearly explode when the pistol cracked

“And he stood tall there in the dark, while a cool breeze ruffled the ragged lock of hair on his forehead, knowing that for one instant there would be a kind of calm in the midst of all that pounding, roaring furor, a moment of serene calm before an unholy storm”.

A crooked smile slowly crept over my face; I then found myself laughing aloud after realizing that I missed that moment of calm, and truth. Perhaps more surprisingly, I missed the chaos.

Since I last wrote, a new rhythm has (almost unknowingly) worked its way into the tread work of my life and consequently my running. These days, the details seem to take care of themselves as I, left alone focus on the horizon. A consequence of this new outlook has been an uncomplicated enjoyment in my running.

This summer will be busy, marked most notably with the arrival of our son ‘expected’ at beginning of July. Between now and then I hope to scatter in a few track races. My expectations are low.

I suppose though, everything kicks off this weekend as I hope to participate in small local race. Early Sunday morning, I will undoubtedly find myself on the edge of Beacon Hill Park, ridiculously early, accompanied by 13,000+ of my closest friends. Let the fun begin.

Until then...

Training: 1:05:14 w/ 20' tempo, Sunday is going to hurt *ouch*