Tuesday, September 21

Almost There

Red Ten: "You'd better let her loose. They're right behind me."
Red Leader: "Almost there."
Red Ten: "I can't hold them!"
Red Leader: "It's away!"

Finding that quote brought me back to a time when life was uncomplicated. Daily decisions involved choosing between Han or Luke, and Cheerios or Shreddies. Life was good.

With the Landsend 10k a distant memory my main autumn goal/gaol is quickly approaching, the GoodLife Fitness Half Marathon. I’ve got a little over 2 ½ weeks of training left, most days I wish I had more.

My recovery from the 10k went well, so much so that five days later I dipped into my bag of “training secrets” and plucked out a killer session I once ran under Jon Brown. At the time I was preparing for the Boston Marathon and struggled through a painful 5x (1k MP, 2k 10kP). Last Friday I opted to complete the circuit 4x, I made it through 3 2/3 before reaching the trailhead and pulling the pin. A success of sorts.

I capped the week off with what was arguably one of the wettest runs I’ve ever experienced. In two hours I experienced more weather systems than I had in the previous two months. I wasn’t five minutes from home, ambling quietly along the Lochside Trail when I could see the trees shaking up ahead. Within seconds I was standing in the midst of a torrential downpour, and less than ten paces later it was over... but the damage was done. I was sopping. Still, I’ll take an invigorating 16C run on quiet trails any day.

Sep 13: 47:36
Sep 14: 1:09:02 w/ 2x8x30” (30”) (3’)
Sep 15: A.M. 1:05:20, P.M. 27:03
Sep 16: 1:08:50
Sep 17: 1:03:40 4x (1k MP, 2k 10kP) continuous
Sep 18: day off (scheduled)
Sep 19: 1:46:36

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