Monday, September 27


With the 2008 Beijing Games fast approaching, Athletics Canada lowered the qualifying standards for the marathon to 2:11:31. Given that the national marathon record was set almost 35 years ago (2:10:09), this new target seemed rather... steep at best. Two days ago, under near perfect conditions a young Canadian athlete took a big step toward achieving a lifelong dream... participation in the 2010 London Olympic Games.

After suffering through nearly two years of injury, Reid Coolsaet crossed the line to finish the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in a time of two hours, 11 minutes, 23 seconds — six seconds under the qualifying standard, and fastest time ever recorded on Canadian soil by a Canadian. In his own words, “When we hit 200m I looked at my watch and knew that I was going to break 2:11:29. With a few steps to go I saw the clock and started to celebrate, I had my time. It’s hard to explain all the emotions that were going through me because of my injuries back in 2008 so I’ll let this picture do the talking”.

As for me, I’m slowly working toward my next goal (the GoodLife Fitness Half Marathon) and the hope of regaining some of my former speed. With the race less than two weeks away, I’m quite curious at my level of excitement and anticipation. My preparation continues.

And so, on cold dark Tuesday morning I left the house in near darkness, turned left at the trailhead and slowly made my way north (away from town). There’s something about having to run a workout before the sun comes up that seems almost unfair. Still, beggars can’t be choosers and in this case the alternative was not running at all. Following a few months of track 3,000m preparation and with minimal time available, I’ve scheduled more than my fair share of tempo sessions in training for the half. This morning was no different. That’s why, after looping my way around Rithet’s Bog, and over to the Colquitz River it was game time. My time (thoroughly enjoyed). I can’t guarantee the 1’ intervals were any quicker than my tempo pace, but the effort was there. Two weeks and counting.

Sep 20: A.M. easy 23:22, P.M. easy, 42:27
Sep 21: 1:15:00 w/ 20’ tempo + 4x1’ (2’) + 2x6’ tempo (1’)
Sep 22: 56:16
Sep 23: A.M. easy 32:16, steady 1:10:51
Sep 24: 1:09:41 w/ 6x30” (1’) + 3x3’ (2’) + 3x80” (2’)
Sep 25: day off (scheduled)
Sep 26: 1:36:05 medium-long run


Love2Run said...

You seem to be getting serious with both the duration and intensity. Good prep for a 1/2!

Anonymous said...

ha, I will test my thought, your post give me some good ideas, it's truly amazing, thanks.

- Murk