Friday, November 19

A New Beginning, the Same But Different

On a crisp, unblemished sheet of paper, titled Spring 2011, I’ve just finished penciling in my mileage for the last five days. I had intended to cover 3h30; I actually ran 3h26. Ten years ago I would have found this result demoralizing, crushing. Today, it’s reality (and nothing less).

What hasn’t changed though is the giddiness that overwhelms me as I plan the journey.

Inspired by a line from Leonard Cohen’s The Future, ‘give me absolute control’… I’ve made a plan, and it’s a good one. Learning from mistakes made while training for Boston in ’08, i.e. when combining marathon preparation with a newborn baby, it’s the parent that will come out losing (sleep), I’ve decided to a) live vicariously through Thomas as he prepares for his next marathon under the quiet tutelage of MC, and b) instead focus on the local TC 10k on May 1st.

As a guide I’m using Daniels’ Running Formula, Second Edition, specifically the 26-week 5k to 15k program. I’m quite excited about this approach as I’ll be able to use the Island Race Series as preparation. Not only will I be able to run most of the events, but I will also be competing in a new age group… this will be my first year as a Master’s Runner, 40-44!

Since returning from Maui, I’ve followed through with my commitment lie low… two long weeks without running. Although this was made easier as I struggled through a lingering bout of bronchitis, each day as I entered out mudroom passing my lifeless shoes, I couldn’t escape a certain longing. Sadness.

It’s funny what a proper storm and a fortnight of abstinence can do. Yesterday evening as I lay in bed listening to the wind howl off the Pacific, that same aforementioned desire was all but absent.

Nov 15: steady 55:52
Nov 16: easy/tight 38:55
Nov 17: easy 1:02:29
Nov 18: steady 23:12
Nov 19: steady 25:25


Thomas said...

Ha! You must have lowered your targets, my good marathon will always be your disastrous one.

Avedoir said...

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