Thursday, December 2

Something Resembling Normalcy

The quality or condition of being normal”, that is the environment I’ve been seeking to find. It’s funny, I can remember moments throughout my life when I’ve strived to be anything but. And yet for the last fortnight I’ve longed for anything remotely approaching ordinary.

Last week Victoria endured a very unseasonal snowstorm, along with the coldest November temperatures on record. Taking the snow in stride, I opted for less volume but more frequency and ran to and from work, daily. A favourite memory, running along the snow filled Colquitz Trail amidst complete silence. Heaven.

Unfortunately, and perhaps because of the weather, my bronchitis has returned (conceivably it never left) and I’ve once again I returned to the sidelines. On the outside looking in. This has been coupled with a son who is cutting his first tooth, a daughter who is two, and an ever changing work environment; ‘nough said.

Luckily, yesterday I managed to get out for a few steps along the trestle and I hope to hit the Colquitz Trail later this evening. My appreciation for these rare moments of solitude is growing.


Love2Run said...

You don`t get much snow normally do you, so it must be a treat! My favorite run is always a still quiet day with big flakes floating down...

Wayne said...

Experiencing the same conditions here in Holland. I'm ready for all the snow to melt and temps to return to above freezing.