Wednesday, December 15

Do the Rest

While sitting here enjoying what has been described to me as ‘viral bronchitis’, I came across an interesting article written by an old idol of mine… back when I was a self-described triathlete. More than a decade ago with a wife, two children and a career in hand the principals of rest and recovery are perhaps even more important.

In short the piece goes on to describe how, “All work and no rest makes for an injury-prone and weakened weekend warrior.”

The gist he’s trying to get across is that “instead of just waiting for recovery to occur, as many athletes tend to do, you're to grab the bull by the horns and actually do something to assist your cause.”

Incidentally, he advises that “grabbing a bull by the horns will not assist your cause or for that matter grabbing a bull anywhere, particularly anything that dangles.”

For the full article click here.

As for me, I’m trying to get in what I can, when I can, which at the moment isn’t much.

Dec 13: A.M. 47:34, P.M. 23:26
Dec 14: A.M. 23:17, P.M. 45:04
Dec 15: 44:15


swhitfield said...

mike, I lost your number, can you email me at

Thomas said...

That Chuckie V blog is excellent - thanks for bringing it up.

Get better soon.

Mark said...

feeling better yet?

Love2Run said...

Rest is good, now get out there and do some work/play!