Monday, July 4

Vive Le Tour

Given how flat my legs were feeling a week earlier, I managed to pack some solid training into the last seven days. While meandering along the Colquitz River, Monday saw a reintroduction of speed into my running regime. There’s no substitute for the track, but the relatively flat trail makes for a beautiful commute. By the time I’d wrapped up two more rides, Wednesday’s jaunt into work was somewhat sluggish, but a change of venue along Cadboro Bay more than made up for the lacking quality.

The highlight of the week, apart from the start of the 2011 Tour (and ensuing three weeks of French cuisine) was my second club ride in twelve years. After meeting up with my brother-in-law we joined the Island Racing Club (IRC) for their weekly Thursday evening session. With a strong tailwind, the group stayed together as we looped around the peninsula along quiet farm roads toward Sidney. Once there, the games began. I had been warned. Apparently the message is in the detail.

Much like Alberto Contador, my positioning wasn’t ideal, and as we turned into the wind I watched the elastic snap and had to put in a massive effort to regain contact with the peloton (the C-group had been spit out the back). The subsequent 5k can only be described as desperate. I knew where I needed to be, but despite every effort could only watch the A-group surge up a long gradual hill and off into the distance. At this point, Chris (my unlucky companion) and I were stuck in no-man’s land, i.e. running scared from the hoard behind (B-group) but unable to regain contact with the front runners.

With the once favourable wind, pushing steadily on our helmets like an ogre’s hand we switched into time trial mode and suffered our way home. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Despite my aching legs, all I could do was smile and slowly sip a cold beer while listening to tales of grandeur after the ride was finished.

Jun 27: A.M. run 29:59, P.M. run 1:04:48 w/ 6x3’ (3’)
Jun 28: A.M. bike 75’ w/ 5xhills, P.M. bike 60’
Jun 29: A.M. run 1:25:06 w/ 6xstrides, P.M. run 25:13
Jun 30: bike 2h+ w/ 60’ TT
Jul 01: day off (scheduled)
Jul 02: run 1:00:35 w/ 5x1’ (1’), 15’ T, 10’ T, 5’ T
Jul 03: bike 2h30 w/ 60’ FBG

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