Monday, June 27

You Have a Big Belly

After a solid two week training block including one race, I was eagerly looking forward to some rest. Back in ‘the day’ when I was running with Wynn Gmitroski, he’d prescribe two days off during his recovery weeks. At the time I didn’t think much of it, but after reflecting on my performances the results speak for themselves. I came across a similar approach to adaptation when working with Jon Ackland in the late 90’s, again, with good results. And so borrowing from the best, I’d scheduled myself more of the same.

What I didn’t take into account was the lingering effect of last Sunday’s ride, and my recovery not occurring until the back end of the week. Needless to say, I was listless until Saturday.

Monday’s run was rough; I was tired, late in leaving work, and my legs ached. Thankfully I was running through some of my favourite urban trails and I was able to slip into a comfortable rhythm. The rest of the week rolled along nicely until I jumped into the pool on Thursday evening. After a short warm-up, I threw on some paddles and pull-buoy, and glided through 3x400m. I remember feeling quite chuffed (I typically sink) up until the point a fish slipped into the lane beside me. As I splashed throughout the next set, 4x(1x100, 4x25) the ease with which my webbed neighbour swam left me wanting. I keep reminding myself, it’s all relative.

On Sunday I bolted on some borrowed aerobars, and with nothing but empty roads and sunshine chased my dreams through some rolling farmlands. As I powered my way along a newly paved section of road, I vividly remember looking down and seeing a shadow of my former self... this was pure, untainted fun!

Later that morning while helping Isla with a bird house, she turned to me and innocently announced, “Daddy, you have a big belly”. That afternoon, for the first time in a dozen years, I inched my way into my wetsuit. It still fit. Barely. What belly?

Jun 20: run 57’ w/ 3x10’ (2’)
Jun 21: A.M. easy run 24’, P.M. rolling bike 65’
Jun 22: steady run 65’
Jun 23: A.M. easy run 25’, P.M. swim 2100m
Jun 24: easy bike 20’
Jun 25: day off (scheduled)
Jun 26: Brick w/o: bike 70’ w/ 30’ TT, run 5k T


Geoffrey Lelia said...

Isla was cute! I hope I could hear her say that, hehe. Hmm, if you have a big belly, then you probably have to work out more! Exercise could help tone it down. On the other hand, there are procedures that can do that faster. Others prefer those.

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