Wednesday, May 6

The Future

“Give me back my broken night, my mirrored room, my secret life, it's lonely here,there's no one left to torture” ~ Leonard Cohen

After my previous post, my plan was to spend some time talking about my future running goals, or at least my immediate goals (say, the next six months). As it was, I found myself standing in the bathroom this morning brushing my teeth, while listening to a small rap at the door.

Despite only being one, her birthday only a few brief weeks ago, it appears my lovely daughter is set on set on establishing a new routine… one that doesn’t allow me much time to myself. I smiled, some toothpaste slipping out the corner of my mouth, and started to contemplate a new future, one filled with a very intelligent and determined little girl.

As for my running, I’ve decided to focus on running the Royal Victoria Marathon this fall with a goal of finishing under 2h40. It will be seven years since I've run the race and it will be the first time I race it. I'm very excited!

Monday: day off (scheduled)
Tuesday: easy 20:05
Wednesday: easy 36:17