Sunday, May 31

Where was I?

I think I was talking about progress, and if so then conceivably I spoke just a tad too soon.

It could possibly be a “chicken & egg” thing, the fact that I’m thoroughly enjoying every step I take when I’m out running, and yet those moment, those precious steps couldn’t come soon enough. Maybe it has nothing to do with farm animals, and everything to do with perspective… I digress.

We were off to the airport early Friday afternoon as Ally’s brother was getting married in Edmonton. As we were planning to be in Wild Rose Country less than 48 hours, I didn’t even bother packing my running shoes. This fact shocked Ally, and her relatives, as unbeknownst to me they had already mapped out a few routes. I don’t know what to make of this. Regardless, I took advantage of not working on Friday, drove down to the ocean, and set out for my second workout of the week.

The original session was to be run on the track, 3x1.5 miles, but I was pressed time and didn’t fancy running circles on what could’ve been a very busy oval. I found my breathing laboured on the first interval, it appears the remnants of a cold I caught in March are still struggling to leave my lungs (that, and I started too fast). I made a mental note to hold back for the first 2’ of the remaining pieces and subsequently felt much more in control.

With my next 5k race a little over 2-weeks away, I’m sceptical of the inroads my training has made (I’m not expecting much), but these faster paced sessions, and shorter races will bode well in the months that follow.

[photo: Isla and her first fountain]

Friday: 1:08:01 with 3x8.5’ (4’) 10kE
Saturday: day off (unscheduled)
Sunday: day off (unscheduled)

Weekly mileage: 3h15’52”, +/- 46k or 29 miles


Mark said...

cute photo! If it was Emil Zaltopek a run would still have been had, but the R & R probably did you some good.

Good luck in your race.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Love the photo! A little downtime, especially when you are traveling, isn't a bad thing.

Good luck with the upcoming 5k.

Thomas said...

Niamh would think I'm sick if I didn't pack my running shoes for even a day, so your wife's shock doesn't come as much of a surprise to me. I hope you enjoyed your recovery time, and what a cute photo!

Michael said...

The standard has been set, and I'll know better for next time... the shoes are coming with me.

Anonymous said...