Thursday, May 28

Getting Started

“Progress is a matter of learning, maturing and knowing yourself” ~ Jeff Galloway

This evening, I found myself flipping through Galloway’s Book on Running and came across chapter two: The Five Stages of a Runner.

The Beginner – making the break
The Jogger – entering the new world
The Competitor – when competition is the main driving force
The Athlete – being the best you can be
The Runner – the best of all stages

In short time I was laughing aloud as I sped through the pages; following a path that was far too similar to my own progression. Everything from “just visiting” that special world when you go out for a run, to basing your first marathon on the hallowed words on a dog-eared page of a running magazine.

Reading through the pages was timely, as earlier this week I was fortunate enough to catch-up with an old friend of mine. It was in Lance’s footsteps that I followed as we both signed up for our first ‘thon, the 1994 Royal Victoria Marathon. I could never have realized the value in the lessons that I was fortunate to learn that cool autumn morning. I crossed the finish line, with a smile on my face, and a newly discover level of determination and conviction that I will never forget.

My training has been light this week, and I’ve be fortunate enough to have enjoyed company for most of it. The highlight so far was keeping step with Carter as we sprinted along the Songhees Walkway on Wednesday morning, never has a minute seemed to last so long.

Monday: day off (scheduled)
Tuesday: easy 38:02
Wednesday: 51:22 with 15x1’ (1’)
Thursday: easy 38:27