Thursday, October 8


It has been over ten years since I completed my last triathlon, Ironman Canada 1999… it wasn’t my greatest athletic achievement, but I finished. Funnily enough, I was talking with a friend this evening (after a few pints), where we contemplated revisiting the torrid battleground. I’ll leave that one for another day. There has just got to be something else out there, right? Anyhow. Back in the day, when combining a bike/run workout, the common expression to describe such a session was a brick.


And so it was after cycling home from work (where I felt great, attacking the hills and even had fun accelerating out of a few tight corners), that I had just enough time to sneak in a run before the girls came home. Moments later I was out the door in my running kit and jogging down the Lochside Trail when… holy wobbly legs, I hadn’t felt like that in a while. That joyous feeling of the bike/run transition is really something to the unaccustomed. I digress.


The running has been going well and I feel okay, so far. Yesterday’s w/o was controlled if not too fast… and so nothing out of the norm. More importantly, I felt good.

I confirmed my race number today, #37, I’ll take it.

Two days and counting.


Wednesday: 50:07 with 5x3’ (1.5’) 10kP

Thursday: easy 29:10


Grellan said...

When I saw your post title I thought it might have something to do with a bike/run combo and the jelly leg feeling coming off the bike. It may just be what the doctor ordered.

Glad to see you're enjoying the remaining day of your taper. All the best on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Have a great one on Sunday Mike!!

Wayne said...

Good luck Mike.

Chris said...

All the best tomorrow, Mike. I hope you have a great time.

Love2Run said...

Looking forward to a good result. Enjoy your day after all that hard work!

Anonymous said...