Monday, October 12

King of Pain

It was far better than the ubiquitous Christmas jumper, but not quite a shinny new car. Still, I’ll take the 12 days in Maui and enjoy every moment of it. This is me signing off for a couple weeks while the girls and I head further west, to the land of surf, sand and sunshine.

As for my race, it was solid, something I’ve been hoping to achieve for a few years. I have to be brief as we’re busy packing, or at least the missus is. The highlights then:


(1) Nonstop (almost): I ran the entire race, apart from stopping to pull up my socks (twice) and walking for 2”-3” to get some water at an aid station, it was one continuous run. I’m so glad to have not been apart of the mid-race walking wounded. I’ve put in my time.


(2) Compression socks: as I mentioned above, I had to stop twice in the first 10k to pull them up, otherwise they seemed fine. I didn’t cramp, but then I typically don’t. The jury is still out.


(3) Chaffing: in my race package there was a product sample called “Udderly Smooth”. I know you’re not supposed to try something new on race morning but I decided to give it a go. It worked like a dream, I’ll definitely be using it again.


(4) Nutrition: I ran with a bottle for the first half (the water was gone by then), and ate Clif Shot Bloks (lemon-lime), roughly 3/40’… my stomach has never been so settled during a race. The only drawback was the 3C temperature at the race start, made the first few bloks rather chewy.


Ok, I’ll give you the gory details when I’m back from vacation but until then this will have to do. Thanks to everyone who offered a kind word of support either here, or out on the course. It was much appreciated. As for what’s up next, I can honestly say I have no idea. I almost forgot, someone introduced himself to me in the first mile of the race. Said he drops in from time-to-time to read this blog… I hope your race went well.


Until later, enjoy the road you’re on.


P.s. This morning I’m in a world of pain.


Royal Victoria Marathon: 2:49:41, 4:02 k/pace, 26/2319 OA, 5/219 M35-39 (half split at 1:23:01)


Private said...

Great result Michael. It seems to have gone as smoothly as a marathon can go. Enjoy the break - I look forward to the extreme details on your return.

Thomas said...

Congratulations on a solid performance. It was high time for you to have a good marathon again.

Take the pain as a sign that you gave it all during the race and be proud of it.

Lawrence said...

Great run. I've enjoyed following your build......thanks.

Grellan said...

Sounds like you had a great race Michael. Well done and enjoy your vacation.


Congrats on a great race, looks like your back on track !

Love2Run said...

A well deserved performance that you must be proud of. Enjoy the holiday in warmer climes!

Mark said...

another sub-2:50! so cool, nice job out there as it looks like you are back on track

Cliff said...

you are the man :)

Terry Nielsen said...

that was me who said "hi Mike" in the first mile. I had my first DNF in 20 years of racing. Im still a bit stunned.

funny you mentioned compression socks. i had never heard of them and it was my calves that went out on me.

I was 1:07 at 17km, on pace for my target of 2:45 and wammo, legs went on me. no bonk symptoms. I had had to take the 2.5 weeks off prior to RVM due to shin muscle injury. it was not hurting- something out of the blue instead. I look forward to the long version of your race story-I'll live vicariously through yours :0).

Chris said...

Congrats Mike, nice to see you finishing again...:o)

Enjoy Hawaii, you deserve it.

Graeme said...

Nice solid effort Mike. Use this one as a stepping stone to that PR. You looked a whole lot better in this one than you did in London...but that was a hot day.

Anonymous said...