Sunday, October 4

It Was One of Those Weeks (and this ain’t the half of it)

It was about a week after meeting Ally that I was introduced to Timone for the first time. It’s not that I’m not a cat person, or an animal person for that matter, but I’ve always managed to convince myself that ‘pets’ were just that, pets. And so it was that for almost every night during the last six years, Timone would hop up onto the bed and insist on kneading my pillow and then proceed to curl up into a ball sleep beside my head (and forever repositioning herself just so as to remind me that she was there).

On Friday, we had to put her down. I was surprised at just how difficult it was, yet that wasn’t the complicated part. How do you explain to a 1-year old, who’s first word was ‘kit-a-kat’, that, this feline ain’t coming back. I never thought I’d miss a cat.

Isla has been sick this week, and any attempt for me to rest has been thwarted, e.g., last night she was up six times, so was I. To make matters that much more interesting I’m beginning to feel off-colour. Oh joy.

As for my running, well, I continue to clip along. After the mid-week w/o, I took it relatively easy on Thursday but regardless of perceived effort, managed to shuffle home at a surprisingly fast pace.

Friday was off.

Saturday, was too fast. The plan was to run 15’ at MP, but with the girls joining me at the track I decided to run 4k at MP (continuous). My goal was to hit 3:50 k/pace but despite my attempts at slowing down, I didn’t make my target once: 3:36, 3:48, 3:47 & 3:47. I’d better not do this come race day, not unless it’s the last 4k.

And so I find myself here tonight, less than a week away from my next marathon and feeling… calm. I take great pleasure in feeling calm; given my workweek this might just be the only respite it what is going to be a very intense next five days. Fun.


Thursday: steady 49:44

Friday: day off (scheduled)

Saturday: 44:38 with 4k at MP

Sunday: easy 1:10:02

Weekly mileage: 4h48’04”, +/- 68k or 43 miles


Thomas said...

Well, I have a slightly sick toddler in the house and a marathon looming as well; I guess we're in a similar situation, though I have 3 weeks until race day.

Not much you can do now. Fingers crossed!

Love2Run said...

Pets do become part of the household. I still miss my old dog jumping around in the house as I walked up the steps. Hope you can keep the germs at bay!

Mark said...

cool, you are one week out, I am two and Thomas is three!

Anonymous said...