Thursday, October 7

Final Preparations

At the end of last week, we took an unplanned trip Alberta, Two Hills to be precise to visit with Ally’s ailing Grandmother (Winifred). I’ve only been to the prairies a few times and with each visit I’m filled with further awe at the sheer beauty, expanse and remoteness of the place. This time was no different. The visit was bittersweet as it allowed family an opportunity to share their feelings. Winnie passed away two days ago.

Given last minute travel plans, different time zones and travelling with multiple children two and under my preparation for this weekend’s half marathon is pretty much... bang on schedule. With an incredibly understanding wife, I was able to squeeze in Sunday’s jaunt running home from the airport. I think I need to do that more often; it’s a fantastic way to stretch the legs post-flight.

Speaking of which, as I cruised home along the Lochside Trail I “thought” I was clipping along at a healthy pace. So much so, that I actually increased the pace slightly, confident that I would close the next kilometre at race pace. And needless to say, I was horribly wrong. Despite rearranging the numbers 3:49 ≠ 3:45. When did a sub 1:20:00 half become so fast?

Oct 4: easy 54:12
Oct 5: easy 52:17
Oct 6: 1:09:50 with 4x4’ (2’) + 4x30” (1’)
Oct 7: easy 45:04

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Thomas said...

Sorry to hear about Winifred.