Friday, October 22

Xterra (Maui)

After a smooth 5h30 flight we arrived in Maui late last night. The air was thick with an acrid smell from what I imagine is burning sugar cane but the humidity and warmth that accompanies this tropical paradise more than compensatsd. After checking into the hotel it wasn't long before my head was on the pillow enjoying a restless sleep. Apparently some things never change, even without the kids.

Staying a the race hotel has its benefits, but finding a breakfast for under $20 clearly isn't one of them. Coffee, bagel and some sliced pineapple later and we were off to the beach. This was to be my first open water swim in years, actually it was to be my third 'swim' since Ironman Canada 1999. And so after licking the inside of my goggles I walked cautiously, giddily into the water.

Fast-forward 20' and I had nothing to show but sore lats and a huge grin on my face. Swimming in the warm (highly salty) Pacific Ocean has its benefits, namely floating. The water was crystal clear and extremely calm apart from a slight rolling swell. I could quickly get used to this.

And so now, with RC out for a pre-race ride, I'm going to head out for a leisurely jaunt in preparation for tomorrows run. I haven't been filled with this much race excitement in years. I think it's the innocence of it all. Until later... mahalo.