Tuesday, October 12

GoodLife Fitness Half Marathon

Game on. Those were the words that echoed in my head as I passed over the 10k timing mat. With dark clouds hanging precariously low and a blustery wind at my back, I knew the ensuing 11k was going to be tough. I wasn’t disappointed.

Up until that point, I had been running in the company of a friend. Jen had hoped to hold 3:47s, me 3:45s which would’ve seen both of us sneak under 1h20. However, having completed 4 of the last 5 (albeit rolling) kilometres in the neighbourhood of 3:50, I knew we were in for a challenge. And so, with washed out Olympic Mountains to my right and an eerie Ross Bay Cemetery on my left my perceived effort slowly edged beyond comfortable, and settled well into the red.

The subsequent kilometres passed with the same eagerness as do telephone poles on a dreary autumn morning.

After eventually reaching the turn-around, I noticed a small group of runners dangling 200m in front of me. But try as I might, as we weaved our respective paths through Fairfield’s twisted streets, each corner presented an image a tad lonelier and disconnected than the last. My splits as follows:

3:35, 3:41, 3:47, 3:42, 3:45 (18:30)
3:50, 3:51, 3:40, 3:51, 3:50 (19:02)
3:49, 3:53, 3:51, 3:51, 3:52 (19:16)
3:56, 4:04, 4:09, 3:57, 3:59 (20:05)

Two days later, I founded myself sitting outside Habit enjoying much appreciated coffee as Carter and I traded tales from the weekend. His stories were much more exciting. However, I remember recounting how I’d hoped to run faster. How, despite being marginally older, enjoying marginally more responsibility, and wanting to run within the confines of a healthy, well-balanced family life... I still hoped for more. I think I’ve been deluding myself.

His response brought a smile to my face, “train with me”, he said. Much like throwing down a gauntlet, he penned a 10k time we’d both be happy with. Achieving it before well before spring arrives, arguably a bit challenging. Game on.

Training: 38/5717 OA, 2/242 AG, 1:21:04, 3:51km/pace



This is a very good blog Michael! I look forward to many more vists. Good luck in Toronto on Sunday!

Thank you!

Love2Run said...

I'm still impressed with your 2nd in AG in a time that would leave me gasping at my 5k pace! And your 'plan' looks might interesting too... Good luck!

Grellan said...

You certainly ran a sensible race Michael and as you say your work, life, running balance has adjusted over the last few years.... and still you get a 2nd in your AG - well done.

All the best with your 10k plan.