Tuesday, March 22


When I used to play field hockey, the team quickly gave me the nickname, “tenacious”. For full effect, pronounce it in the same masculine manner as you would Aquilinus, Maximus or Tiberius.

Although I had great hand-eye coordination and stamina, my play making ability was left rather lacking. To make up for this shortfall, I would doggedly hound the other players, ultimately forcing them to make mistakes. I miss the game.

As I sit here though, struggling to overcome my third cold of the year the idea of possessing sufficient energy to be anything but anaemic is a distant memory. I think a large part of my fatigue is due to the “black hole of exhaustion” that accompanies parenthood about 6-8 months after the birth of a child.

I experienced a similar sensation about 10 months after Isla was born, and unfortunately for me about 4-weeks before the Boston Marathon. And before I go too far, I don’t mean to suggest my weariness could ever compare to that of my wife’s… men just don’t have the necessary stamina. However, after 240+ interrupted sleeps, coupled with a cold wet winter and a low immune system… I’m tired. Perhaps I should stop here.

As for my running, after taking a couple days off last week, I managed to squeeze in a few workouts. Wednesday’s session was supposed to be on the track (5x1200m) but once again the Colquitz Trail was my chosen battlefield. If they ever decide to hold a race there, I’m going to have a clear advantage. And I unequivocally blame work for shortening Friday’s tempo session, but perhaps it was for the best. Sunday though, that was one for the ages… a thoroughly enjoyable, sunny trail run along the Jocelyn Hill Ridge Trail (thanks RC).

And something completely unrelated, a new song c/o RC (thanks again):


Mar 14: Day off (sick)
Mar 15: Day off (sick)
Mar 16: 1:04:02 w/ 5x4’ hard (4’)
Mar 17: ridiculously slow & painful 1:13:24
Mar 18: 35:55 w/ 30’ tempo
Mar 19: Day off (scheduled)
Mar 20: 1:48:51 undulating


Grellan said...

Luckily my early child rearing years did not coincide with an urge to run. Ultimately, as with all things, your ehaustion will pass to memory. Great music Mr. Tenacious.

Thomas said...

Actually, once you start feeling like that, the worst is already behind you. In the early months you're too exhausted to even notice that you're zombiefied.

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