Sunday, June 22

The Big Easy

Much like the quote from the movie, “This is the Big Easy. Folks have a certain way o' doin' things down here”, and as such I’ve made sure to adjust my pace accordingly and leisurely reacquaint myself with planned runs.

Without any concrete goals over the next 3-4 months, I’m not in a hurry to jump back into a routine thick with workouts. That said, a “plan” has begun to formulate from shadowy threads of training plans one that will take me through the autumn cross-country and trail running season, focusing predominantly on 5k-15k races until Christmas.

As for the recent weekend, when I wasn’t rebuilding our garden shed (I now have a sanctuary) I did manage to sneak out for a workout with Paul’s group on Saturday morning. While everyone else set off around the lake for a good tempo session, I kept Ian company as we cycled our way through some shorter intervals. The legs felt great, the lungs struggled to keep up.


Wednesday: easy 41:38
Thursday: easy 40:17
Friday: day off (scheduled)
Saturday: 1:05:18 w/ 4x(30” H, 60” H, 90” H, 30” H) (30”)
Sunday: hilly 1:10:22