Monday, June 2


… or perhaps I should say “go maire tú!” Although I’ve never met them, both Thomas and Grellan took part today in the Cork Marathon where they were aiming to qualify for Boston with times of <3:15:00 and <3:20:00 respectively.

As luck would have it, and I’m dieing to hear about Thomas’ race, they achieved their goals with times of 3:09:38 and 3:17:11. Well done to both of you!

On this continent, Brad and Mr. Bites took part in what is one of my favourite trail races, the epic 25k Iron Knee. I know Brad was hoping to run faster and his spring fitness certainly indicates that he is capable of doing so, but he still finished with an impressive result. As for Rumar, he was out enjoying himself as he and his wife prepare for their Trans Rockies adventure later this summer.

Congratulations to everyone!

And me, I’ve completed two runs since Ottawa. The first was a short 10’ stroll in which my calves hurt like a bugger. The second, marginally better as the pain worked its way up my legs into the quads… it’s all good and I enjoyed every step of the way.

Monday: day off
Tuesday: day off
Wednesday: day off
Thursday: day off
Friday: easy 11:13
Saturday: day off
Sunday: easy 19:49

Monday: day off


rumon said...

Thanks, Liam! Looking forward to you pacing me through the next couple of months.

Mr. Bites (still not sure where that came from)

Grellan said...

Thanks, Michael. Your Irish is better than mine (at least I think it is).

ps: Thomas had already qualified for Boston last october. He just wanted to qualify in the under 35 age category as well.

Anonymous said...