Tuesday, June 17


… I’m back.

After enjoying a great vacation in Maui where the typical daily high was 30C, I received a very rude reintroduction to reality on Monday morning when I biked to work (it was 10C). On the heels of the Ottawa Marathon, the timing of the vacation was perfect and I definitely feel relaxed and rejuvenated. I did manage to sneak in a few jaunts in-between the sessions at the beach but I kept them under 45’. Besides it was damn hot, I don’t know how Mike does it?

As for the future, my next “A” goal is Boston but that is also next year. I wanted find a shorter late season race that I could focus on but with us away for a few weeks in September/October it throws a huge wrench in the plans. Still, I’m not without complete focus. I received an email today from some people that I coached last fall asking me to put something together for them, as they want to run the 56k Great Lake Walk. Always on the lookout for free beer, I obliged and told them I’d keep them company on every second long run… that ought to keep the legs moving (however slowly) for the next 12-weeks.

Onward and upward then.

Training: easy 42:29 (felt great)