Wednesday, June 4

Newport Marathon

Last Saturday a good friend (and training partner) ran the Newport Marathon in Oregon. He was competing in his first marathon in seven years and prior to leaving had the energy of a young boy on the first day of school (apprehension and excitement).

His strategy was gutsy, run the first 20-miles at 6:04 pace, the next 4-miles at 5:55 and then pick it up. Despite 23+ miles of near perfect execution his race didn’t go exactly accordingly to plan but he still finished in a respectable 2:43:56, 7th overall. More importantly, we’ll be training together this winter as we prepare to run a sub 2h40 in Boston next spring. This is going to be fun!

In the short-term, I’ll be taking a short pause over the next week as we leave for vacation. Oh and the photos, me in Ottawa.

Tuesday: easy 27:10
Wednesday: day off