Sunday, July 6

The Lazy Days of Summer

It’s official, not only has summer arrived but invariably the hours of daylight are also getting shorter. Fortunately, most of us haven’t noticed the decline as the preceding eight months were dreary to say the least. Despite birds chirping and the sun shinning then, the question I’ve lately been pondering is, “why am I languishing when I head out for a run”?

Last Monday was the beginning of my summer/fall training schedule and despite aiming to hit 70’ on three different occasions, I only once succeeded and that was during an unsuccessful bid at 90’. The 70’ barrier has been drawn in the sand and I’m struggling to cross.

Not only that, but the barrier has an accomplice… my daughter. It was Friday afternoon and I’d just retuned home from work. I was changed and just about to lace my shoes when small hand and incomprehensible gurgle caught my attention. Five minutes became ten, smiles turned into laughter and before I knew it, my window of opportunity had all but passed.

Still, despite my recent shorter-is-better attitude to training, I’ve enjoyed getting back out the door. I really must remember to post more often as recalling my runs days later isn’t conducive to an interesting read. Vaguely though, Tuesday was okay, Wednesday great and Thursday not nearly as fun as Tuesday. Sunday was not the light-on-my-feet experienced I was hoping for.

And we continue onwards…


Monday: day off (scheduled)
Tuesday: easy 1:09:17
Wednesday: steady 36:55
Thursday: 1:06:04
Friday: day off (unscheduled)
Saturday: steady 57:26
Sunday: easy 1:21:32