Monday, July 28

Like the good old times, but better

Out of the dense temperate rainforest we ran. The drizzle soothing, we climbed a twisting trail as it ascended another relentless hill. A combination of sweat and precipitation sprayed the skin with each foot strike. With each slap on the softened forest floor, my shoes absorbed moisture as energy rose through my arches and ankles. My quads burned on the abrupt ascents. It was a pure carnival of pain, but I loved each stride because running distilled my purpose and enjoyment.

Okay, I’ve bastardized a quote of James Tabor’s but I wanted to try and capture the essence of my recent weekend. After a relatively comfortable few weeks, I unwittingly upped the volume and delight.

Thursday was spent looping through Rithet’s Bog with Hicham in an attempt to reintroduce our legs to some speed work. The idea was some to do some structured strides; he runs too fast.

Saturday was brilliant. After a fortnight away, I was back running with the Great Lake Crew. I’d let a few of my friends know we were meeting at 8:00 a.m., and was presently surprised to see the entire gaggle at Thetis Lake. We looped through some of my favourite trails, hitting Seymour Hill, Centennial and Marsh Trail. The real kicker though was heading back out to Thetis 24 hours later, but sadly, for me I was with a companion who had fresh legs. Not wanting to become a creature of habit, we looped up Scafe Hill and Stewart Mountain, returning home later that morning only to tell Ally that my legs felt like they were training for an ultra marathon they’d forgot to tell me I had registered for.

Two weeks is too short, I can’t wait to do it again.

Thursday: 56:24 with Moneghetti strides 2x90” (90”) + 4x1’ (1’) + 4x30” (30”) + 4x15” (15”)
Friday: day off (unscheduled, opted for 1:20:54 up-tempo ride after watching too much of le tour)
Saturday: undulating 1:59:22
Sunday: hilly 1:45:59