Wednesday, July 23

Rolling With Summer

While biking home from work yesterday I passed the time contemplating where to run. One of my favourite areas is the rolling hills around Broadmead but it’s also my winter stomping ground and I’m reluctant to use it too often in the summer. I whittled my choices down to Mount Doug or a dash along the Lochside Trail and out into the Saanich farmland.

It was with muted surprise then that after returning a DVD I turned right and veered south toward Cedar Hill (see photo). As I weaved through the sun-bleached neighborhoods and eventually onto the undulating chip trail, I couldn’t help but notice the responsiveness in my legs. As I was out late the night before I fully expected and deserved a run with heavy legs, but definitely wasn’t going to complain about my windfall. Perhaps my slow trips up Mount Doug are paying off.

I was brought back to reality by a serendipitous encounter with Marilyn and Shawna (?); both women will be running with the varsity team this year. The company was most welcome, and we looped around the golf course chatting about the year ahead (and possibly my first cross-country season).

On a disturbing note, and in complete contrast to yesterday, during my strides this evening I found that my arms were writing a cheque that my legs had trouble cashing. Am I getting old?

Monday: day off (scheduled)
Tuesday: easy 1:12:06 with 8xstrides (1’)
Wednesday: easy 21:11 with 7xstrides (1’)


Love2Run said...

Are you getting old? Well we all are but some of us at a slower rate than others. Keep up the nice runs.

Marc said...

Listen to Mike - he knows all about old (HA!).

What a beautiful place to run.

Michael said...


I often run at Cedar Hill. It has a great loop where I climb for 2', recover for about 90", run hard downhill for about 90", recover for about 4' and then repeat (as needed).

Anonymous said...