Wednesday, June 3

Hurry Up and Wait

After not running on the weekend, I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather we’ve been experiencing and revelled in an early morning up-tempo run on the way into work. Unlike Bob Geldof left the Boomtown Rats, I do like Monday’s. It was one of those rare moments where you’re at one with your body. My stride felt effortless and smooth, and as the sweat dripped down my face, it was with disappointment that I stopped wishing the run could’ve continued.

Yesterday afternoon, under record setting temperatures (30C), I slowly made my way back to the Vic High Track for my second session of 200s. Once again, the oval was deserted and despite best efforts from Carter and Hicham, I was to run this workout alone.

I ran a similar session in mid-May and therefore wasn’t too surprised to see my splits slower than expected. With the variance set to rest, it afforded me the time and concentration to focus on the workout. Unlike May 12, I completed the full 12 repeats and was proud of myself as I slowly jogged home feeling completely dehydrated but content.

34.1, 34.0, 35.7, 35.6, 35.2, 35.9
36.9, 36.6, 36.4, 37.0, 37.4, 36.4

Unfortunately, it seems that I may have worked a little too hard yesterday. I knew I was in trouble last night as I lay in bed, my left achilles throbbing to the beat of an unheard tune. Any doubt was put to rest and with my bike at work, I coerced my lovely wife into dropping me off at the office… there was no way I was running today. And so, I wait.

Monday: steady 49:47
Tuesday: 1:17:47 with 12x200m (200m)
Wednesday: day off (unscheduled, left achilles)


Brad Cunningham said...

Vic track is only 600m from my new home! I will be able to do workouts with you when Carter and Hicham bail!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Nice job getting all 12 repeats done. It does look like you tired as you went from the times. I hope that Achillies heals up for you quickly.

Cliff said...

You are a machine. I wish we get some of these west coast warm weather. It's freezing here. Take care of that achilles. I think some of the most content moment when I grind myself from the track (i go and do mile repeats).

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had treatment on that Achilles? Seems it has been nagging you for years. Keep up the good track work!

Anonymous said...