Friday, June 5

Heat breaks third day of records

Victoria scored a hat trick yesterday as the temperature broke a record for the third day in a row. The previous high for the region was 28C, which was surpassed at about 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon, when the thermometer hit 30C (the normal temperature for early June is a cool 18C).

I definitely don’t perform well in this sort of heat, but running home yesterday was enjoyable and if nothing else made for a change of condition. I think the highlight for me, was having a co-worker see me 30’ into the run; judging from the look on her face I can only imagine I wasn’t pretty.

My achilles has settled down enough to allow me to run, but it’s far from fighting fit. On the run in this morning it never completely loosened up and despite my best efforts I fear my stride is changing to compensate for the injury (my right knee and hamstring was sore). I’ve been icing, stretching and have also included twice daily heal drops into my routine. I’m remaining cautiously optimistic but I’m not expecting a quick turnaround.

With my next marathon months away, at least I have the time to incorporate some rest and recovery. Still, I’m going to try and work around that option.

Thursday: easy 48:49
Friday: easy 36:14