Wednesday, June 24

Old Sneakers

I’m happy, and perhaps a bit proud to say that I managed to heed my own advice and did not run yesterday’s workout on the track. With my achilles on the mend, and the last of the 5k summer series next Wednesday I decided to run the session on a grass field not too far from our home.

The route to the park was undulating and served as a good warm-up. After arriving at the field, I did a few light stretches but then quickly jumped into the session. I’d originally scheduled 15x100m 3kP (20”) but opted for the much more civilized 15xdiagonals on an empty soccer pitch.

The workout unfolded without incident and with a few minutes to spare, I decided to take a marginally longer way home. I was glad to see that my achilles wasn’t aggravated but I iced it all the same. But as they say, “the proof is in the mudding” and it wasn’t until this morning, half way through my run to work, that I knew I was well and truly on the mend. One more session this Friday and then race time.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that on Sunday I went by my favourite running shop and picked up a new pair of shoes. My calves had been sore, along with most of the other muscles, joints and ligaments in my legs, and it wasn’t until I tallied up my mileage that I understood why… 1600+ kilometres. Stupid, just stupid!


Monday: easy 41:26

Tuesday: 1:15:04 with 15xdiagonals

Wednesday: easy 43:14