Sunday, June 7

Old Friends

Given the concern I had after Tuesday’s workout, I rounded out the week in fine form. Moreover, with the upcoming week scheduled for rest and recovery, the timing couldn’t be better. The achilles is far from better (70%), but I’m able to train and barring anything stupid… let’s just say I’m hopeful and leave it at that.

Yesterday morning I took advantage of having to go to the office and opted to run my workout at an old stamping ground, Beacon Hill Park. Not only was the terrain familiar, but the event was a repeat of my inaugural session with Jon, 3x10’ tempo. Only this time around I was on my own (sans Jon & Co).

I didn’t know what to make to the morning, but with a the temperature markedly cooler than it has been and gentle sea breeze blowing up off the water the day couldn’t have been better. The intervals were going to be the longest I’ve put in since Boston, and so I approached them with caution; not only was the plan to descend the set but I made sure the build into each piece with only the last 2’-3’ a test. My achilles was sore during the warm-up but otherwise I was happy with how it held up. Despite running alone, I was pleased with the effort and I truly loved being out there. The enjoyment I’m finding in my running at the moment hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Hicham put the bug in our ear last night, and this morning Carter and I joined him out at Thetis Lake (my first time back out in months). Those two are going to have to stop letting me lead, as not wanting to break tradition I opted for my usual start, and one that had our heart rates spiked in minutes. With both of them packing excuses that would have left most runners at home, the only words that escaped their mouths were ones of enjoyment. I owe them for today.

As it was, I capped the week off with two solid runs and even better friends. Here’s to the week ahead.

[photo: Thetis Lake]


Saturday: 1:00:15 with 3x10’ (2’) 10kE

Sunday: easy 1:27:50

Weekly mileage: 6h00’42”, +/- 84k or 53 miles


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

That really does sound like it was a good week of running. Glad to hear the Achillies held up well. Sounds like the weather was great, too.

Brad Cunningham said...

got room for one more on the traditional sunday thetis run?

rumon said...

Here's to you, a soon-healthy achilles and many more runs like Sunday. Couldn't have asked for more.

Mark said...

sorry to hear of the achilles trouble I take it that put a damper on racing a 5K

Michael said...

Brad, you're too fast. If you 'promise' to go slow, we can talk.

chris mcpeake said...

Looks like you had a really great week of running. Man your posting some fast times.

Anonymous said...