Friday, August 21

Thanks for the birthday wishes, they were much appreciated. The missus outdid herself this time, booking a night for us at the prestigious Sooke Harbour House. The clincher was getting my mum to baby-sit Isla, overnight, a first for everyone involved. After a week of the wee one waking up at 5:00 a.m., next Saturday can’t roll around fast enough.


My big week of running continues to trundle along. With work on the verge of flying off the rails, I was up before twilight yesterday and out of the house not two moments later. It didn’t take long for me to decide that I don’t think I like running that early. Perhaps I was still fatigued from Tuesday’s effort, perhaps. Still, there’s something to be said for running down the middle of the road on a quiet weekday morning with only you and the odd bird for company.


Later that evening I packed up in a hurry, closing the office door behind me and leaving my running shoes resting quietly on the lower shelf of a dark office. It wasn’t until early Friday morning that I realized I’d left my said shoes on that lower shelf.


The problem: I’d hoped to work in a double. I went down to the basement and pulled out my old shoes, now reserved exclusively for cutting the grass. My very tattered size 9½. Sadly, I believe those shoes were partly to blame for my achilles problem. And it didn’t take long for me to confirm that belief. The Asics 2140s now rest at the bottom of a garbage can in my office, and I have a red piece of yarn tied around my finger. We live and learn.


I hope everyone has a great weekend, until later ~ cheers



Thursday: steady 1:20:03

Friday: A.M. steady 45:54, P.M. 59:56


Wayne said...

How do you like the 2140s? They are one of my best daily training shoes. I'm on my 3rd pair in this marathon training cycle and about to change to a 4th.

Mark said...

that is sad about the shoes

Michael said...

Wayne, I love the shoes. I've been wearing them since they were 2020's, i.e., a long time. I just need to remember to get the correct size (9 1/2 is too small).

Wayne said...

I don't think I ever wore the old 2020's. Before the 2140's, I used the 2130's (not sure if this was the recent version of the 2140s). The 2130's gave me some problems on the midfoot. The 2140s are great....some cushioning but also light enough for a daily trainer.

Anonymous said...