Sunday, August 23

Royal Victoria Marathon (8-weeks out)

Last week, I made a remark to a friend of mine that I believed there to be “a certain level of efficiency that is brought on by a similar level of fatigue”. Today, I found this principle held true.


Isla did not sleep well last night. In fact, she was up four times. And not those short awakenings where a small pat on the back, or a few minutes in a rocking chair can sooth a troubled child back to sleep. No. Theses were full-on crying bouts that left the entire household rattled. After the forth “event” I knew I wasn’t getting anymore sleep, and so I decided to sneak out of the house particularly early for today’s long jaunt.

My original plan had been to run with a friend (I hope he understands), but I took advantage of what little energy remained in my weary body and slowly plodded towards Mount Doug under a twilight sky.

Despite only running one workout this week, I’d upped my mileage considerably and decided to focus on running a consistent/steady long run rather than break any speed records. I also used the opportunity to experiment one again with my nutrition, this time opting for Cliff Blocks (lemon-lime). The blocks can be a bit of a mouthful and force a few seconds of uncomfortable nasal breathing but I love the taste and I find them easier to stomach than Gu. Still, I’ll experiment one last time in three weeks. As for the run itself, it went off without a hitch. I glided along with an efficient shuffle, nothing profound, but entirely comfortable.

This past week’s mileage will most likely be the highest I’ll run during this marathon build. With that said, I’m happy how the week unfolded. I managed to run a very solid 12k tempo session, and was very pleased to today’s run. I also logged my first double in months, probably since February/March, and my legs seemed to handle the added mileage well. The week ahead will be a good test though; Wednesday will be short and sweet, with a workout on Saturday that’s bound to knock my socks off.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend, until later ~ cheers


Saturday: easy 1:22:09

Sunday: hilly 2:45:05

Weekly mileage: 10h01’30”, +/- 141k or 88 miles


Grellan said...

Very solid weekly mileage. There's nothing more tiring than interrupted sleep. Fortunately that's all behind me now. Altgough it won't be long until i'll be waiting for them to come in from a night out before I can sleep.

Thomas said...

Probably a good call to go out early. I have been tempted to do the same at times, but so far I never actually followed up on this.

Let us know how the fuelling plan goes. That's one area I have yet to figure out for myself.

Brad Cunningham said...

He understands...

Anonymous said...