Sunday, August 30

Royal Victoria Marathon (7-weeks out)

My last week of running rounded out nicely, what with two decent workouts, one of which had me running close to 25k at marathon pace. Still, tonight as I sit at my desk and type, I’m happy that the week ahead has been reserved for recovery (rest, it out of my control).

Yesterday’s workout was the second of three real tests in this marathon build. The plan was to run 5x5k starting at 90% MP and descend down to the real deal (20:00, 19:45, 19:30, 19:15 & 19:00). Unfortunately, I need work on my execution.

As mentioned previously I decided to run the session on the Lochside Trail, between markers 14 and 19. Starting at 14, gives you two kilometres to nail the pace (the markers exist) but then you’re running blind until the finish at 19. I began what I thought was conservatively, but opened in a 3:45. I nailed the second kilometre but obviously, wound things back up finishing in 19:14.

The way back is ever so slightly uphill, or at least that’s how it felt, and I thought this would take the edge off my hot feet. I really wanted to run a controlled second interval, as I knew going too fast would open the doors to an ugly last 10k-15k. Sadly, despite feeling very comfortable and relaxed my legs had a pace of their own and my fate was sealed… it was after passing through 12k and remarking how easy things felt that I decided to roll with the punches (19:09, 18:58).

I overcooked the forth interval, ‘nough said (18:45), and with the legs feeling heavy and my turnover forced I purposefully reigned in the effort on the last one (18:53). I’m really happy with how the workout unfolded. I think this build has the least number of workouts compared with prior programs so the emphasis needs to be on quality.

If I did one thing right this weekend it was making sure today’s run was easy, very easy; my legs felt great.

As for our night away at the Sooke Harbour House, it might go down as one of my more relaxing birthday gifts ever… thoroughly enjoyable!


Sunday: easy 56:50

Weekly mileage: 8h57’55”, +/- 127k or 79 miles