Saturday, August 29

Game On

I have to be brief as we're about to take off for the evening, our first night away (together) since Isla was born. Mum doesn't know what she's in for.

I had what was probably the best workout in months today. The session called for 5x5k descending to MP. I headed out to a rather straight and somewhat flat section of the Lochside Trail, jogged out to the 14k marker and was off.

The idea was to start at around 20:00, and work my way down to 19:00-18:45. I didn't mean to, but by going too fast on the first one I set myself a lofty goal... it all worked out: 19:14, 19:09, 18:58, 18:45 & 18:53.

More later...

Thursday: 59:14 easy
Friday: A.M. steady 56:04, P.M. easy 40:19
Saturday: 2:25:56 with 5x5-k (1-k easy)


Lawrence said...

Wow. What a w/o.

Mark said...

I like the 5 x 5k w/o and am willing to give it a try myself. Nice work. Let's hear how your recovery goes over the next couple of days.

Thomas said...

Our kids are always very well behaved for everyone else. The misbehaviour is always reserved for the parents, in which case your mum should be fine.

Btw., you might think some of my workouts are tough, but yours aren't exactly easy, are they! I have never even considered 5x5k, never mind done them!

Wayne said...

nice workout. way to go!

Grellan said...

When you say descending to MP - descending from what pace? as there isn't a big difference between 6:11 and 6:02 mile pace (3:51/3:45 ks). I take it there was no recovery between 5k's.

Thomas is right, you're both trying to kill yourselves.

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments.

I'll write more later, but the recovery has been okay, being away meant some good sleep.

As for the w/o, I took a kilometer easy between each 5k effort. The idea was to start at around 20:00, a work down to around 19:00 to 18:45.

Anonymous said...