Wednesday, September 30

Counting the Days

I hurt. I sit here with aching legs and a strained back, not the feeling one aspires on the road to a marathon taper. Or any taper for that matter, still, it was worth it.

Much like downing a pint so that you can enjoy the next, marathon training allows me the opportunity to run one of my favourite workouts. Out of context, it’s just two laps of the track repeated ten times. But executed within a fortnight of a marathon and you’ve got yourself some Yasso 800s.


[Guinness, the legendary black stout of Ireland celebrated by poet, poor man, ad man and drunk, has reached the age of 250]


I’ve run this session a few times and thoroughly enjoyed each one. Granted, running 800s is comparatively easier for me, but nevertheless it’s a fitness booster and perhaps more importantly a confidence builder.


My plan had been to sneak to the track this evening, but I quickly realized last night that best laid intentions would be for naught. So it was that earlier this morning I left the house and headed east toward what would become a glorious sunrise. My new plan was to run a set of timed intervals (0:02:35), regardless of distance. I eased into the first one but otherwise I ran them strong, feeling light on my feet, and the hard work... quite effortless.


If only I’d hit the track. Still, the fun and games were thoroughly enjoyable and the daybreak magnificent. Ten days and counting.


And for the photos, I took them while biking to work last week along what is my usual sub 45’ route, anything longer and I head in a different direction. With the mileage dropping, I thought I’d augment my tales with a few pics.



Monday: day off (scheduled)

Tuesday: easy 40:25 with 7xstrides

Wednesday: 1:23:15 with 10x800 (2’) 5kP-10kP


Thomas said...

Ah, to be able to run 2:35 ....

Grellan said...

I'm pretty sure Thomas could churn out 800m in 2:35. Looks like a scenic commute. Enjoy the Taper!

Love2Run said...

Nice pictures and good to see your taper has the quality that makes you feel fast but is not exhausting. Keep at it!

Sub40 said...

I read your blog all the time. I don't think I'll ever be as fast as you but I learn alot from your posts. Good luck in the marathon.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Thanks guys. I'm enjoying the taper... strange.

Anonymous said...