Monday, February 8


“... the quality or condition of being authentic, trustworthy, or genuine”.

On a cool and dreary morning, where the line connecting the saturated mud and the waterlogged air was vague at best, I returned to the trails at Thetis Lake. Some have likened running through the rolling and unrefined terrain as attending “church”, yesterday had that effect. An opportunity to reflect, share and give thanks.


Here we were, Hicham, Carter and I, three thirty-something men, discussing the challenges and rewards brought upon by friendship, a new road to an uncertain future, and fast approaching parenthood. Where has the time gone? And to think ten years ago, you might have found us standing on a random beach with naught but speedos and a pair of goggles anticipating the start of a triathlon. I digress.

Much like our conversation, during the run I believe there were moments where we were lost, or certainly where we didn’t know where the path might take us. But with a quick smile, beta blockers and a sense of adventure what could go wrong? Some things never change and yesterday was no different; I repeatedly found myself following the heels of two humiliating bastards.


My running has gone well the last two weeks, bookended with a quality session on Friday and a fabulous long run on Sunday. The workout, my first in months, saw me cycle through some short and ever so sweet intervals: 7x (2’ (1’), 1’ (30”), 30”) (30”). My hamstring and achilles have never felt better.


Sadly, just as I’m beginning to build some momentum a wrinkle has crept up. I have to undergo surgery on my back tomorrow, nothing serious but I’ve been told to take it easy for a couple weeks. And here all I can think about is my return to running.

[photos: Maui 2009, my motivation]


Jan 25: easy 45:06
Jan 26: easy 36:58
Jan 27: easy 37:57
Jan 28: easy 53:26 w/ 8xstrides
Jan 29: easy 58:40
Jan 30: day off (scheduled)
Jan 31: steady 36:18
Weekly mileage: 4h28’25”, +/- 63k or 39 miles
Feb 01: easy 1:07:00 w/ 8xstrides
Feb 02: easy 35:05
Feb 03: easy 36:19 w/ 6xstrides
Feb 04: hilly 50:03
Feb 05: easy 58:25 w/ 7x(2’ (1’), 1’ (30”), 30”)(30”)
Feb 06: day off (scheduled)
Feb 07: hilly 1:46:28
Weekly mileage: 5h53’20”, +/- 83k or 52 miles


Chris said...

Hang tough dude...nice photos of the fam.

Wayne said...

i hope everything goes well and that you recover quickly.

Grellan said...

Those short intervals sound like fun. Good to see the training is coming together.

Love2Run said...

Love your writing as always. Good luck with the man with the knife!

Mark said...

it's really good to see you returning to running. Best of luck in your surgery.

rumon said...

I just got to this, rather late in many ways. Far (enough) from home and far too far from running these past couple of weeks, I can't thank you enough for the memories and smiles that this post evoked.

Anonymous said...


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