Thursday, February 18


As I ran home late yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice the ubiquitous aroma from the flowering cherry blossoms. I started my jaunt along the waterfront, both the (rare) sunshine and Olympic Mountains to my right. As I reached Moss Street turning away from the Strait of Georgia, I traded the sun’s warmth for the welcomed refreshing fragrance that accompanies spring.

With my surgery healing well and a ticket to “lace up the shoes” only when ready, I proclaimed myself set. And so, like the slowly unfolding buds it was time to begin – (n) a period or condition of maximum development; (v) to develop; flourish.

After more than a week off I wasn’t sure what to make of my fitness, particularly having done only one workout since October. But being more eager than a thoroughbred in the gates, and with a few local races fast approaching I decided to fearlessly jump back in.

Ideally, I’d have run 400s on the track or marked intervals on the Lochside Trail but neither of those “preferences” were available. And so after a short warm-up, I ran the session on a very undulating route between Moss St. hill and the Cedar Hill Golf Course, loving every minute and with only one interrupted interval due to a traffic light.

I’m back, all I have to do now is sort out my season. Whether force of habit or genuine desire, I’d still like to squeeze in a marathon. But with baby #2 fast approaching, I think my enjoyment will be found through an inaugural summer track series and perhaps even a return to triathlon *whispered*.

Feb 08: day off (recovery)
Feb 09: day off (recovery)
Feb 10: day off (recovery)
Feb 11: day off (recovery)
Feb 12: day off (recovery)
Feb 13: day off (recovery)
Feb 14: day off (recovery)
Weekly mileage: 0h00’00”, +/- 0k or 0 miles
Feb 15: day off (recovery)
Feb 16: 1:01:35 w/ 12x80” (2’)
Feb 17: sluggish 41:11


Thomas said...

I would have thought the most logical run to return after a lay-off is a short and easy recovery run, but what do I know ...

Hmm, I see the lure of the dark side is affecting you as well. Maybe it's contagious.

Love2Run said...

We are officially jealous of your early spring blossoms. I'm sure your 'sluggishness' will wear off in no time!

Anonymous said...

I heard that whisper.

Blair said...

Jealous... yes! It will likely be the third week of April before our blossoms arrive.
Welcome back to your spring and to your training.

Michael said...

... You're not supposed to her that, I whispered!

Michael winchester said...

Running is fun and i enjoy it.

Anonymous said...