Wednesday, February 24

White on White

After not running for more than a week, I am pleased with how the last seven days unfolded. Not only did I squeeze in a couple solid sessions, but I capped everything off with an “undulating” long run through some of my favourite urban trail systems (CHGC, Mt. Tolmie, UVic and Mt. Doug).

Tuesday’s workout was solid and just what I needed to get my head (and body) back in the game. I eased into the first few intervals and continued to build right through the set, feeling pretty chuffed with my effort. Admittedly, I was surprised at just how long 80” can last and was not looking forward to my next workout, with much longer intervals.

And so, after an easy run on Wednesday, Thursday was my first real test since a) the marathon and b) injuring my hamstring, 5x5’ tempo. Despite not having run a sustained effort in four months I was surprised at how comfortable I felt. My pace resembled something closer to MP rather than 10kP, but the effort was there.

[note to self: remember to stretch, good God my hammies were tight]

As mentioned earlier, Sunday was fun, and long. I mistakenly agreed to accompany a colleague of mine (who is training for Boston) for a portion of his long run. Now either my memory is fading or Larry has been secret training, but I don’t ever remember having to “try” and keep up before. We live and learn. Larry you’re a bastard.

Outside of running, most of my spare time (what’s that) has been spent finishing the basement. With the dry wall up, and the mudding and taping complete, my hands are now overed in small droplets of Crisp Linen. I’ve also discovered that painting shades of white over a washed-out primer is far from rewarding, and snow blindness is a very real concern. Next up, the trim.


Feb 18: 46:56 w/ 5x5’ tempo (1’)
Feb 19: easy 39:14
Feb 20: day off (scheduled)
Feb 21: undulating long run 1:52:05

Weekly mileage: 5h01’01”, +/- 70k or 44 miles