Monday, June 13

Tilting Upward

With gray clouds threatening overhead, I sat under the awning of Fol Epi Bakery and gazed out over the waterway. I’d just finished my twelfth ride in as many years, and as I gently blew at the steam snaking across my cup I basked in the joy that accompanies numb legs.

It has been well over a decade since I’ve trained for a triathlon, and I haven’t been able to discern if my joy is based in the moment, or if I’m caught up reliving the past (I turn 40 in a little over two months). The answer to that question can be addressed partly with the fact that it has taken me three years to register for this race. This morning as I rolled out onto the side street with tired legs, there was little doubt as to where my enthusiasm lay.

My self-inflicted scheduled called for half a dozen hills. Back in ‘the day’ I’d have ventured to the Observatory, but short on time and leg power, I found myself weaving through the deserted avenues of Gordon Head in search of variety and a road that tilted up. I wasn’t disappointed and settled on doubles of: Sinclair 450m (10%), Cadboro 800m (6%), and Mt. Tolmie 650m (8%).

The reintroduction of the cycling coupled with the odd dip in the pool has resulted in my running being pushed the side. Or at least that’s how it feels. To accommodate the bike, I’ve had to move my long runs to Wednesday. And if last week’s jaunt, a strenuous post-work 1h15 is anything to judge by, the shorter duration is more than compensated by the persistent fatigue and heavy legs. This is only going to be made worse by tomorrow’s 5k race, aptly named the Twilight Shuffle.

Until later...

Jun 06: A.M. easy run 24:12, P.M. run 53:26 w/ 10x80” (2’)
Jun 07: bike 80’ w/ 5xhills
Jun 08: A.M. easy run 23:56, P.M. steady run 1:15:50
Jun 09: A.M. bike 75’ w/ 3x (5' 80%, 5' 85%), P.M. swim 1,800m
Jun 10: A.M. easy run 22:28, P.M. run 47:45 5x6’ (1')
Jun 11: day off (scheduled)
Jun 12: steady bike 2h40


Thomas said...

But of course you personal worst still beats my personal best ...

Michael said...

but they're getting closer

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