Friday, June 3

Triathlon 101

With a lacklustre Giro wrapped up for another year, and the Canucks in the Stanley Cup Finals I’m now living vicariously through an entirely different breed of athletes. That is not to suggest that I haven’t been able to whet my own appetite in the athletic arena.

A few weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of swimming my way through the Oak Bay Half Marathon. Now, as I live on the edge of the Pacific I’ve become accustomed to precipitation in all its forms. But despite this experience, I can’t recall ever being that drenched in a race. Ever.

I knew heading into the event that my fitness was building and consequently didn’t have high expectations. Based on my recent 10k, and with minimal tempo/long runs I envisioned a drawn-out 1h21. Considering I had to walk at 14k, I’m quite pleased with my 1h22, albeit my slowest half since 1999.

3:44, 3:50, 3:50, 3:57, 3:44 (19:05)
4:00, 3:57. 3:43, 3:58, 4:04 (19:42)
3:57, 3:59, 4:03, 4:29, 4:00 (20:28)
3:58, 4:00, 3:57, 3:56, 3:55 (19:46)

With Oak Bay wrapped up and my flats dry, my focus for the next two months has significantly shifted as I attempt my first triathlon in 12 years. I’ve been batting the idea around for a couple years but with Ally pregnant in ‘09, and the birth of child #2 in ‘10 the timing wasn’t ideal. It wasn’t until nattering with Rumon a few months back that I realized waiting on the sideline isn’t nearly as fun as participation, regardless of one’s conditioning. A few weeks later, with a program taped to the fridge and my commuting mule tuned-up ($500), all that was left was to jump back into the pool.

And so it was, last Thursday I tentatively slipped into the shallow end, ducked under the surface and pushed off the wall taking that opening stroke with nothing but possibility and 25m of water in front of me. I managed to dogpaddle through my first w/o in over a decade, and as my 50s gradually ebbed from 40” toward 50”, I exited the pool, twilight overhead and a smile on my face. Everything hurt.

May 15: Oak Bay Half 1:22:38, 12OA, 1 AG.

May 16: day off
May 17: bike 75’ w/ 1xhill
May 18: run 54:41
May 19: bike 60’ w/ 2x(5' 80%, 5' 85%)
May 20: 56:22 w/ 2x8x30” (30”/3’)
May 21: day off
May 22: bike 1h30 steady

May 23: run 47:18 w/ 6x1’ hills
May 24: A.M. bike 75’ w/ 4xhills, P.M. bike 60’
May 25: A.M. run 26:27, P.M. run 1:22:54 w/ 8x30”
May 26: A.M. bike 75’ w/ 3x(5' 80%, 5' 85%), P.M. swim 1,600m
May 27: run 55:48 w/ 3x3x30” hills (10”/2’)
May 28: run VTS 3,000m 10:12, 6 OA, 2 AG
May 29: bike 2h20 mountainous


Thomas said...

Why am I not surprised?

Michael said...

It's all YOUR fault; I was envious of your 'thon/ultra/tri training of last year. How are you doing, how is the recovery?

Mark Bell said...

Best of luck

Thomas said...

The PHYSICAL recovery is going smoothly.

The MENTAL recovery is taking a lot longer.

I enjoy running just as much as I always did, but I have absolutely no appetite to put myself through another gruelling marathon training cycle at the moment.

I'll jug along happily until the hunger returns.