Monday, July 16

Catharsis can be, and was…

… a run. After ten, yes t-e-n days devoid of running, more time off than after either of my recent marathons, today, Monday, I decided to put my arm to the test, and it was beautiful.

Once out the door, I turned left and headed down toward the park. I figured I’d give myself a fighting chance and run a much as possible on softer trails. Although my arm never hurt in that “you shouldn’t be doing this” kind of way, I was reminded of the break about once every 20” when my left arm would bounce out of sync with rest of the body.

It didn’t take long before I was on the chips and as I clipped along at what felt like a decent pace, I was surprised at how smooth, effortless and comfortable I felt. The sweat begin to build after only 10’, and shortly after that beads would run at a regular interval down my face and into my eyes… and I loved every minute of it. Whether it’s a case of distance making the heart grow fonder (I don’t think so), or just being intensely appreciative with what you’ve got, I thoroughly enjoyed the run.

I’m seeing the surgeon on Wednesday, and figured what could one, or two, runs do that he couldn’t already fix (if needed).

Training: easy 27:57