Sunday, July 1

Happy Canada Day!

Today’s run was heroic, well almost, another 10’ and this write-up would be appearing in the Local Interest section of our daily paper and conceivably Trail Runner, but alas… we ran too fast.

After picking up Tre, a certain other friend who wishes to remain anonymous as his coach would certainly guard against what we did, and Carter we drove out to Willis Point Road, turning left at Ross-Durrance and then pulling into a secluded parking lot to embark on our Canada Day festivities… let the games begin.

With no rest or warm-up for the wicked, we began our journey in Mount Work Regional Park, and with launched ourselves into the days looped route, beginning with a solid 300m climb to the summit of Mount Work covering the 2.5km in a shade over 17’. From there child-like screams we thoroughly enjoyed what is probably my favourite single-track trail on the peninsula as we ran, blurry-eyed down the backside toward Ross-Durrance. I can only imagine we/I sounded like a youngster running with more than a hint of madness (and dirt) in my eye, plummeting down narrow single-track switched back trails, finding purchase on every angled rock so as to redirect our drop, grabbing out for tree limbs using them like you would an apartment handrail swinging uncontrollably around on a wing and a prayer. We continued our freefall down to the inlet, the quads screaming at this point after descending 450m faster than they would’ve liked.

From here, we jogged passed the main trail back up to the lot, instead following an ever-narrowing trail north, only to veer off on a small deer path that climbs relentlessly back up to the peak of Willis Point Road topping out in excess of 400m. Today was all about friends, trails and finding fitness when (and where) you least expect it, thanks boys!

Training: a gnarly and almost epic (but not quite long enough) 1:35:18